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Forageplus Biotin 0,5 kg

  • 550 kr

Text från Forageplus hemsida: 2% feed grade with full vitamin activity.This is pure biotin for horses without additional fillers and should be fed to&

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Artikelnummer: 23
Leverantör: Forageplus

Text från Forageplus hemsida: 

2% feed grade with full vitamin activity.

This is pure biotin for horses without additional fillers and should be fed to equines needing to maintain and support healthy frogs, skin, coat and hooves.

Research has shown that biotin for horses, which is one of the B vitamins,  helps support healthy hoof quality, various studies have found a positive result in the maintenance of overall hoof condition and strength.

Like other B vitamins, biotin is essential in the conversion of food to energy and is found in virtually every cell in the body.  It acts as an essential co-enzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and fat and so enables support of growth, performance work and reproduction. Biotin is particularly important for normal thyroid and adrenal gland function.

If you are interested in other B vitamins to support your horses’ health then please look at our B-Vitamin Plus product which contains all the vital B vitamins at high levels in one handy supplement.  This is particularly important for helping support horses undergoing stress or horse needing support with the maintenance of healthy skin and hooves.

Suggested Feed Rate

600 kg horse 40 mg

500 kg horse 30 mg

400 kg horse 30 mg

300 kg horse 20mg

200 kg horse 20 mg

1 x 1ml scoop = 20 mg biotin